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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What social capital can enable (Part 1)

(The following rambling is triggered by burt ronald's "social capital of structural holes")

I feel that we are reaching an optimal in online communications and networking. There is only so much sharing you can do in the name of sharing. I want to leverage on the abundance of online knowledge and networks to achieve more, to learn more, to have better ideas etc. Somehow, the current crop of services doesn't cut it for me.

In terms of news and information aggregation, I don't need more services to recommend me news of similar nature.
I don't need services that aggregate everything either because the noise ratio is too high. What I need are services that show me who are the good bridges who can connect me to other stuff that are outside of my current specialization. People who are good in relating one industry to another.

One good example is reBang who does a great job in bridging between industrial design and virtual world technologies. Another one is Jordan Furlong who specialises in bridging between the legal industry and our web world.

I need a Mr Tweet that recommends such people to me. People who painstaking draw the connections between different areas, who tease out the subtle relationships and to paint the possibilities that such relationships & connections can enable.

These are services I want to have right now.

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