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Monday, 9 March 2009

Best reads for the weekend of 8th March 2009

This past week has been interesting, with lots of discussions and ideas on next generation businesses. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Hacking education
A great post with some powerful comments. With open course ware, and the myriad of social service models, it is much easier now to experiment on what education can be. The potential to create value in this broken education value chain is just too irresistible. To follow the discussions on this topic. this is a good place to start.

Related: P2p marketplace for learning

Shifting search from static to real time
This is post that is a couple of months ago but the opportunity it highlights is still relevant. Real time search however is a sub set of a bigger trend: real time interactions. Real time is not new in the area of distribution or delivery, but what real time interactions can bring about is still an open question. Search is an area where the direction is pretty clear. What about areas such as collaboration, customer service, media et al? Where will real time lead to?

Related: Twitter is a real time web value chain.

A billion Twitters
A great post by Dave Winer on how Twitter will become pervasive, rather than remaining a centralised service. It is not hard to imagine where conversations, in a Twitter like format, will be embedded into every community and even into every software. If that is the future we are going to, what opportunities will open up now?

The great restructuring
It is amazing what kind of changes we are going through and what opportunities are opening up as a result. Jeff Javier summarise it well in this post. If you are looking for ideas, this is a great post to begin.