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Saturday, 21 March 2009

A crisis in human resources

A crisis in human resources.

That is a brilliant statement from the Sir Kent video that I posted earlier. It describes exactly the problems we have in education. For many years, our education system has prevented individuals exploring and exploiting their passion and talent to the fullest. At this time when we need diversity and talent to innovate ourselves out of institutional decay, we might find ourselves lacking the means to do so.

One of the key ideas that stuck me from the video is the non-linear path that our education must evolves around. It is easier to be linear when you know what your passions are and how you can further evolve around it. However, our passion and talent typically are not obvious. They lie beneath the surface, waiting for the right environment where they can be brought to life.

Our current system unfortunately is built for linear progression, typically with the aim of entering universities or collages. To achieve organic learning, we need a big change in how we organise our learning processes and institutions. Specifically, how can we evolve our system to a more organic form, with multiple touch points and paths for individuals with diverse talent? How do we bring about serendipity in education?

The biggest problem with an organic approach is the continuous flux that current institutions are woefully inadequate to handle. This brings me to the pull systems that John Hagel has been advocating. How can we build pull systems for education? It is an area that has big potential and the recent articles in the Big Shift blog have been a rich learning source.

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