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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

How I gather my news

Increasing, my consumption habit of news has been changing. Traditional, it was always straight to aggregators like techmeme as well as front pages of newspaper sites. Now, my source of news has become more distributed and are coming from trusted rather than generic filters.

It all starts off with my igoogle page. This is where I can get quick updates on my favorite blogs such as Fred Wilson, Taylor Davidson etc. These posts are typically long and well written. They deserve the effort of jumping to their blogs and to participate in the discussions.

On my iGoogle are also what I call link recommenders. These are typically Tumblr blogs like Scott Rafer, Betaworks, Ethan Burley etc. What they do is highlighting interesting quotes or snippets from articles around the Web. From these sampling, it gives you a good sense of whether you want to read the full articles.Effectively, they are becoming my trusted filters.

These trusted filters extend beyond my iGoogle to other services. Twitter is becoming a powerful news recommendation system. People like O'reilly and Michael Parekh tweets daily links to interesting and relevant stuff that most aggregators will miss. Disqus is also becoming very useful as the blog posts that my favorite commentors are commenting on are typically very interesting reads as well.

Based on my current reading habit, the distribution of new is undergoing massive changes. How to surface relevant news based on your trusted filters seems like a powerful way of distribution. My current approach seem primitive. Is there a better way to do this that I am unaware of or is there room for new services to be developed?

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