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Sunday, 22 March 2009

More thoughts on education

Sorry about the ramblings on education for the past few posts but it is something that is deeply exciting to me. I have watched the TED video from Sir Kent for about a million times but I still learn something new everytime I watched it. I realise however that I have not put down the things that are thought provoking to me. So, this is the post that I am going to do it:

Education is meant to take us to the future we can't grasp
This is an important reason why education is so important. As we move into a world where there are constant disruptions, we need our education to prepare us to handle these rapid changes. How many of the schools are preparing students in this way? How many schools are preparing us to be relentlessly resourceful so as to handle any new situations that come up?

In that scenario, I find a lot of commonalities between an entrepreneur and being resourceful. Perhaps education can learn from entrepreneurship? Perhaps using Ycombinator as a model for structuring education?

All kids have tremendous talent and we squander them
Learning how to unleash the hidden talent of children is where most value is unlocked. How do we use of all of our understanding of online discovery and apply them to talent discovery? In the digital world, we use all sort of algorithms, relationship connections, human filtering etc to help us discover new stuff to consumer. Can we then collect data of our children and use the same methodologies or processes to understand what all these data can tell us?

Do our children behave in certain ways that is similar to talented people during their childhoold days? Do they exhibit behavior that would indicate they are future athletics rather than lawyers? Do they behave more like writers than doctors?

Creativity is as important to education as literary
I think we are focusing on the latter, even for new startups like Teachstreet and Edufire. Creativity is a very difficult concept to grasp, let alone be educated on it. Obviously, the old system of staying in a classroom and listening to lectures wouldn't work. What we need are new environments, modules and interfaces for the equvialent of 'music sampling' in education. More importantly, we need the equvialent of top 'DJs' that help children discover their hidden creativity and talent.

We have lots of opportunities here to remake education. As Sir Kent mentioned, only by providing the right education will we have hope to remake our world into a better place.

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