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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Predictive analysis on new data (continued)

I have blogged about how the availability of cheap data is transforming job functions. Today, I just read a BusinessWeek article that talks, interestingly, about how HR is using data mining to determine the value of each employee.

I think this is just an early use of abundant data to change how HR is done. It is a very crude way and I don't think that is the direction it will go. What I hope to see is companies facilitating the flow of such information both within the company and to the edge as well. We know now that leveraging on edge competencies
is key to next generation businesses. The use of data should enhance the building of such competencies.

Here are some thoughts:

How do I leverage on data to identify and recruit key person outside your organisation: the equivalent of hiring in traditional HR

How do I reward outside innovation adequately: the equivalent of compensation in traditional HR? How do we calculate marginal wages and pay in the network economy?

How do I upgrade the skills of my entire network: the equivalent of training in traditional HR? Scalable learning is how we can think about it.

How do I ensure quality in the network: the equivalent of firing in traditional HR?

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