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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Startups ideas from comments, tweets and more

Why is conversations important? One of the things they are giving me are plenty of ideas. Here is a couple I have collected the past week.

Russell Beattie
If online shops were smart, they'd give a 5-10% discount for your Twitter ID/Password, and then tweet your purchase with a link.

My comment: I am thinking of a service that combines the social graph with the affiliate model that is described above. Let the service tell the vendor how 'influential' the user is and set the discounts accordingly. Will this become a market for cashing in your social capital?

Taylor Davidson

Or perhaps it could help me find gifts for people by feeding in their public data; I know I could use the help picking out gifts :)

My comment
: Gifts are bounded by their context: to whom, for what, for when and how much. If there is one industry that needs a contextual engine, this is it. Great opportunity for someone to create such an engine for Etsy's products. Simple example: I need to buy stuff for my wife who like blah, blah, blah (to whom) to celebrate our 5th anniversary (for what) by 2 weeks (when) within a budget for $XX (how much).

Dave Winer

why doesn't digg have a way to vote up or down ads. companies would pay to be added to the mix, users decide how much play each ad gets. (and his follow up post here).

My comment
: Very very different economics from Adpinion, which I think is what most people would compare this idea to. One is about attention market while another is simply about targeted advertising.