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Thursday, 9 April 2009

5 local startups I will like to invest personally

I have been mostly critical of some of our local startups. However, there are others that I find that have tremendous potential because of the ideas they are experimenting with. Here are my top 5, which I will like to invest in personally when I am no longer with the office.

Interactive Vision Lab

They are doing to 3D scanners what digital camera has done to traditional cameras. By developing a technology that allows one click 3D scanning, they can potentially democratize many industries, from healthcare, to game development, to architecture etc. My hope is that they can become the Flip camera of 3D scanner to enable more creativity to be born.


StoryBoy is creating interactive animated storybooks authoring and reading applications with multi-language narration for mobile devices. It is supported by an online library of ebooks created by a community of authors lead by Skyvu Pictures. What I love about this team is their understanding that ebooks will not be behave or look like traditonal books. They are defining what digial books can achieve and are focusing on the children's segement. I think that is a smart move because children are the most imaginative. With the right tools in their hands, they can redefine what reading means.


I like this startup because they have an ideal: save more lives in hazardous work environments. They are developing Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) software management solutions and Asian-Centric EHSS content to help companies enable better safety practices. They may not be the next Google but if their software saves even 1 live, I think that is value enough.

They are a location based emergency services, again with the focus on saving lives during natural disasters. Looking forward, I see such services becoming more and more important as changes to our climate leads to more sudden disasters.

Futurz Solutions
Finally, the first proposal I have seen that tackles the energy monitoring opportunity. Energy is just like information. How to make that liquid and hence enabling it to flow to the right context is a good opportunity to achieve energy efficiency. We have not funded them yet but I am looking forward to doing so in the coming weeks.