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Friday, 3 April 2009

My startup journey with GameRenkei

I have been pretty active advising a startup we funded called GameRenkei. It is an idea that I am fond of and something that I thought was worth my time. However, as we progressed through the product development stages, things started to be undone. It was heartaching to watch something so promising fell apart.

The first thing we didn't expect was the fall off of the development team. The technical brains behind the team left and the business guys were stuck with an unfinish product. They did what they could, mainly through outsourcing but it was never going to replace the people who left. That is why I always believe in having technical competence for a web startup.

Once we were stuck with an outsource partner, everything changes. Costs escalated and features were cut to bring the expenses within the budget. The original idea was discarded. What replaced it was simply a casual game site. However, to give credit to the team, they stuck it out. Even with the troubles they have, they still manage to get a product out and I have high respect for that.

I still believe in what they originally wanted to do. I hope some success comes their way and they can bootstrap their way to their dream.