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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The value of links in next generation media (continued)

Scott Karr touched a very important point about links that I failed to convey adequately: they are currencies which relevance can be determined. Without relevance, you cannot build effective distribution for next generation media because you don't know what to send who.

In my post on creating a link infrastructure to empower fans, I touch on dentralising the relevance derivation mechanism as a critical third step. Without that, it is almost impossible to build a scalable distribution channel. In fact, decentralising the link creation, link distribution and relevance generation mechanisms are ways to send money back from Google to the people who deserves it: the creatives, the fans etc.

Strangely enough, this is exactly the same point Umair Haque made four years ago when he states that free culture is subsidising Google. However, at that time, pieces were not in place to build a next generation distribution play that is based on links and are geared towards bringing value back to the creative folks. I think now is the time and whoever gets there first has a shot of building something really powerful.

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