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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

SEO tips: anchored backlinks

There is a universal SEO tip for those who really understand what search engine optimisation is all about: it all about anchored backlinks. On-site optimization like including your keyword in your header, blog title, url etc accounts for maybe less than 20% of your ranking in Google's front page. The rest is dependent on anchored backlinks. That is the SEO tip.

What are anchored backlinks? They are like normal backlinks, but anchored with your keywords, like this:

baseball strength training

Notice how the keywords are used in the links and how it is related to the niche of strength training? That is a anchored backlink.

We all know that links are what drive Google's pagerank. The more links you have, the higher you will get in the Google's result page. You don't need SEO tips to know about this. (Note: this is a simplification of pagerank and there are more indepth articles elsewhere that talked about this_

What a lot of people don't know (and this is the SEO tip) is that Google will also associate the link with the keywords you used to anchor it. If there are many links pointing to my site using the words aaron chua wee nian, aaron chua, aaronchua etc, Google will know that this site is all about aaron chua. The next time somebody searches for aaron chua, my site will be among the top 10.

This is how I get keyword authority. My site is deem by Google to have authority in this keyword.

However, using names as anchor text is exactly what we want to avoid, if you want to get use SEO tip to make money. Would anybody want to advertise on the keyword 'aaronchua'? Of course not. This is the common mistake made by lots of bloggers. They don't understand the use of anchored text and therefore, they don't gain authority in any keyword except for their names, which are completely useless when it comes to advertising.

What you want is to use the proper anchored backlinks to give your niche blogs authority in the keywords you are targeting. Let's go back to the example of strength training for beginners. If I can get many backlinks to a site about strength training using the same or similar keywords, such as strength training, strength training for beginners etc, then this site would gain authority and rise in the Google search result. What happens next is the money making part and where the SEO tip is.

Now, if somebody is looking for information on strength training for beginners, and key in that keyword into the search box, my site will appear in the top 10 result and they will click on it. Because the traffic is so targeted, any relevant ads you show will get them clicking on it. That is why anchored keywords are important.

This applies to any niche you do. Be it cameras, food, shoes etc, you need anchored backlinks to get you to Google's top page and get targeted traffic and clicks. So, if you want to link back to this site, please use SEO tips or best SEO tips or something similar. Don't use aaronchua : )

My next SEO tip will be on how do you get those anchored backlinks without people actually linking to you.

Monday, 17 August 2009

SEO tips: "for beginner" keywords

The SEO tip I like a lot is choosing the keywords which contains "for beginners". Why is that important? Well, it is simple: beginners are ad clickers. That is the SEO tip.

When you are a beginner, you are open to learning things. Your mind is in state of search for information. I was in this state when I first began my niche blogging. I was always looking out to what SEO tips to learn. In fact, I often googled for these terms:

best seo tips
top seo tips etc

When I was in this state, anything I saw that was evenly remotely interesting, even if it is an ad, I would click it to find out more. That is how beginners are. This is why they make a great niche to target for ads.

However, I am not saying we should just focus on beginners only. In fact, the next SEO tip is this: use the "for beginners" term as a beachhead to start penetrating into other related terms. That is how you expand from a dominating a keyword to an entire niche.

Let me illustrate with an example. Let say I am interested in strength training. Rather than, focusing on strength training right from the start, I would use "for beginners" instead. That means my initial keyword would be:

strength training for beginners

Once I have managed to get into the first page for this term, I will start getting traffic from people who are ad clickers. Their volume might be low but boy, do they click. This is a good start to get your revenue going , right off the bat, rather than having to work on your niche blog for a few months without seeing any money. (consider this another SEO tip).

The next step is interesting. You can start to expand into other related terms by focusing on other similar keywords such as:

baseball strength training
for beginners or
soccer strength training for beginners

Doing so will immediate create additional targeted traffic for your niche, which in turn brings you more ad revenue. That is how to expand from a keyword to a niche.

Hope you find this particular SEO tip to be useful.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The new trick worked

My friends, the trick I pulled in my previous posts work. In less than 15 mins, my brand new blog has been indexed:


This just shows that knowing what works in terms of making money online is really important. Without this knowledge, you can on and on without truly achieving anything.

It will be damm interesting when I starting to apply these techniques to real startups. I would have solved the most difficult problem facing most of them: getting traffic.

I don't know whether any of this sounds interesting to you. If it is, just drop a comment. If not, I will just keep my mouth shut.

Take Care!

A new trick to get index fast

My plan of building a niche blog empire is going smoothly. Some of them have started making money, which is much earlier than I thought. Most of them are ranking well. My biggest gain from this exercise is learning all the wonderful SEO tricks that I never know.

One of the tricks I am trying now to get your site index fast by using long keywords that has no results. Example of such a keyword is:

ews modular office partitions

There are currently no exact google result for this keyword so it is likely to be indexed fast since Google is always looking for information it doesn't have. Through this link I have embedded above, Google can trace from this blog to this site I have just created 5 minutes ago and indexed it. I will be rank #1 since there is no other competing terms.

What is the point, you might ask since nobody will ever search for such a term? The point is not the traffic but the fact that it gets your site index fast. Once it is indexed, you can start putting in the real keywords that you want to rank for. You can do so by writing long posts that allows you to embed as many terms as you like. Using this approach, you can quickly build up a list of related keywords that you know Google is searching you for. That is how you can build keyword authority.

This is one of the neat tricks I have picked up and I will be sharing more tips like this.

Btw, I have changed my blog title in case you have not noticed. This better reflects the current direction I am heading in. So, to remind the Google crawler, here is the link again : )

ews modular office partitions