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Saturday, 8 August 2009

A new trick to get index fast

My plan of building a niche blog empire is going smoothly. Some of them have started making money, which is much earlier than I thought. Most of them are ranking well. My biggest gain from this exercise is learning all the wonderful SEO tricks that I never know.

One of the tricks I am trying now to get your site index fast by using long keywords that has no results. Example of such a keyword is:

ews modular office partitions

There are currently no exact google result for this keyword so it is likely to be indexed fast since Google is always looking for information it doesn't have. Through this link I have embedded above, Google can trace from this blog to this site I have just created 5 minutes ago and indexed it. I will be rank #1 since there is no other competing terms.

What is the point, you might ask since nobody will ever search for such a term? The point is not the traffic but the fact that it gets your site index fast. Once it is indexed, you can start putting in the real keywords that you want to rank for. You can do so by writing long posts that allows you to embed as many terms as you like. Using this approach, you can quickly build up a list of related keywords that you know Google is searching you for. That is how you can build keyword authority.

This is one of the neat tricks I have picked up and I will be sharing more tips like this.

Btw, I have changed my blog title in case you have not noticed. This better reflects the current direction I am heading in. So, to remind the Google crawler, here is the link again : )

ews modular office partitions