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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How to target higher paying keywords for Adsense

I just thought to share something that has helped me to increase my adsense earnings over the past months. Again, this is just my experience so please feel free to add your comments.

This realisation came about because I linked my adsense and my analytics during late July. I wished I had done it sooner!

When looking at the data, one thing that really stuck me is the range of payout that I was getting. Some were really low such (0.5>3 dollar range). I began to analyse the data and realise there were root words that can trigger the higher paying ads. I began to use more of these root words and then magic! I began to get the higher ads.

An example:

Normally, I would target something like tummy tuck. The traffic is high and the payout is decent but it was not the highest paying keywords. I then realise by adding roots words such as price + location (imaginary example, NOT REAL), the higher paying ads begin to come. So something like:

tummy tuck cost in London


cheap tummy tuck prices

I noted down all the different root word combination and analyse which combination can yield the highest paying ads. I then use these combinations in my post titles and find that not only do they trigger better paying ads but they are easier to rank as well. This is how my income jumped even though there was little movements in my main keywords.

Result: can you say USD12 click baby : )


I find that this approach works for every niche. I tried it in my furniture niche as well and find that I can raise the average paying click from the typical 0.5-0.8 range to my current 1.2-1.5 range, just by targeting the right root words.

All these targeting will raise your eCPM and makes it easier for you to earn more money without having large amounts of traffic. For example, an eCPM of USD20 will mean that you need 5000 visitors per day to cross the USD100 mark. If your eCPM is USD50, then you will need 2000. What we are doing then is sacrificing more traffic with higher paying traffic.


Bálint said...


I like your blog, keep up the good work! :D

I have one question: how do you exactly analyze the combinations? How do you know which keywords trigger better ads? Thanks!


Jack said...

Interesting! I've been working with Adsense since last December and I have a few sites that are linked to analytics.

I'll have to check it out and see if I can find the roots that are getting higher eCPM. I definitely would like to squeeze more money out of fewer sites.

I had lots of sites before but now I'm down to a small minority that I focus on (i.e, the ones that actually make me money regularly).

I wonder if you could explain how you found the higher value keywords a little better? Are they just keyword entries to the site?

aaronchua said...

This is a more systematic approach that I used. Let's take my site as an example. My one site is in cosmetic surgery. So, let's say the analytics show that one of the root word that can give me higher CPC is the word 'procedure'. I test that by writing 3 posts that target keywords that I am already ranking well but I will add in the word 'procedure' to these new article titles.

For instance, let's say I am already ranking well for vaser liposuction, tummy tuck and zerona liposuction. I will create three new posts that have the following article title vaser liposuction procedure, tummy tuck procedure and zerona liposuction procedure.

I will then compare the results. Many a times, these new articles will bring me higher CPCs than the older posts and that is how I learn what keywords can trigger higher ads. Over time, you will have these roots words by heart and every new keyword you target can always trigger these higher ads. My site doesn't have high traffic volume like Fraser's but my CPC is around 3-7 on average and 10-14 on good days.

Another important thing i have learned is that having these root words with higher CPC as your backlink anchor can give your site a higher CPC overall. This is because you can trigger lots of long tails that contains these higher paying root words. Using the above example, if you keep on building backlinks with the word 'procedure' in them, you will soon be able to trigger long tails such as 'laser liposuction procedure' even if you are targetting 'vaser liposuction procedure'. That is how I keep on getting a new stream of higher CPC keywords to target each day.

This process doesn't work so well for a new site or a very focus site as you don't have enough authority to trigger the long tail high CPC words. Only when you can achieve that, then you have some data on what to target.