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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How to target buying keywords for Amazon products and earn passive income

This is how I have built up my Amazon supersite. I have mentioned in my previous post on how to make 500 with Amazon that I want to hit this revenue by end of this year. Well, I am happy to say I will definitely hit it In fact, I will go past it quite easily.

Here is what I have learned. Although I have no problems in sharing what I do, do bear in mind I am not THE expert on amazon. It is just that I am starting to get it as I am seeing large increase in my traffic and earnings over the past 2 months. Also bear in mind that this stragety is applied to a 6 month old site so I am not sure how well it will work for a brand new site. I will break down what I do in terms of keyword research, article writing and backlinking.

Keyword research

When it comes to amazon keywords, I don't use google keyword tool that much. One reason is because I am targeting primarily new products so the tool is not very useful. This is what I did:

I always look for new hot products. This is because there is very little competition and you can always rank easily.

I look for these in 2 sections of Amazon: (i) one is in the hot upcoming release and (ii)the other place is in the best seller list. However, I don't go for products that have already stayed more than 50 days in the best seller and that might mean more competition for me.

One of the challenges for product keywords is knowing exactly what keyword to target. For example, I took this product name from the toy section a while ago: "Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Making Kit". So, what do you target? The full model name? How about only "Ever Bracelet Making Kit" or "Alex Toy Bracelet Making Kit" or "Bracelet Making Kit Alex toys" or blah, blah, blah. I solve this issue by using Google insight and Google suggests. I start with the broadest term and see what Google recommends. Insight is good in terms of comparing relative keywords.

Another method I used is to use past info to guide me. For example, there might a "Alex toy product Y" last year. I will use google insight to see what kind of keywords people used to search this past product and apply them to the newly launched one.

Article writing

Every new article I wrote targets a hot new product using the keywords process I mentioned above. In terms of the actual article, I always target buying such as "Alex toy bracklet kit For sale Where to buy alex toy ever bracket making kit".

My article titles are typically long because they do affect how well you rank. The more keywords you have in there, the more long tails you are going to pick up. Notice how i squeeze two different possibile way to search for the product in the above example i.e. ""Alex toy bracklet kit" and "alex toy ever bracket making kit"


My new post I made received at least 10 backlinks from either Postrunner or BuildMyRank. The latter is especially potent for my site. Every keyword I hit with their backlinks will see a rise in SERPs within days, not weeks. However, I made no gurantees here so it is up to you to decide if you want to give that service a try.