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Friday, 26 November 2010

Picking the right niches for Amazon

The biggest difference I found between Amazon and Adsense is in the niche selection. For adsense, we tend to pick unknown niches in the beginning to avoid competition. However, for amazon, I go for the best selling items. Amazon requires sales and not clicks but the best seller list is the best guide. If you pick an unknown niche, it might be difficult to get sales even though you might get clicks.

In terms of keyword selection, I pick product names that have lots of reviews and have prices that range between USD25 and USD150. The former is because of what I called social validation. People need product reviews to assure them of their purchases. The latter is important because that is the range of prices that I think people are comfortable in paying online.

Be in mind though that some niches just plain suck. The hardest thing for making online with amazon is not in doing your SEO for ranking but in finding out what converts. More often than not, you will find that most niches do not convert well.

I tested at least 30 niches with long tails before finding 2 that converts well. The rest just stinks. If you trust me, you can send me you niche and I will see if I have tackled that before.

Have fun in find the right niches for Amazon!