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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tips to earning USD1000 with Amazon within 6 months

In my previous post on making USD500 with Amazon, I thought that my total earnings for Nov will be around that number. The good news is that it exceeded my target by quite a few hundred dollars....

What happened during the last few days is that my traffic really picked up and I was getting USD60-USD90 days. All that added up to increase my Amazon earnings quite significantly. Now, I want to set another target for myself.

USD3000 per month by end of June 2011. Let's see if I can hit that as well.

For new readers, Amazon is not my only source of online income. I started with Adsense much earlier and have already reached a full time income with that. Amazon was the new challenge I set for myself and I am happy to see that I have progressed in my understanding on how to make money with it. Once I hit the 3k target, I might move to a new form of monetization to learn new stuff. It is good to diversify your online earnings in case anything goes wrong with one particular approach. That being said, beginners should not juggle too much balls at once. My recommendation is to master one monetization method first before moving to the next.

Now, on to the new meat of the post, which is to share some of the things I have learned during my Amazon challenge.

Tip 1= Product selection is everything. Unlike adsense which pays you for every click, you need to people to buy for Amazon. Picking products that will accomplish that is the hard part. You will need to experiment with quite a number of products from different niches before finding the one that can convert. You can either do this through Hubpages or free hosted sites. I prefer the latter although it is more work because I gain another site that I can control for backlinks...

Tip 2= When testing your niches, always go for long tail first. These are easier to rank and will let you know in the fastest time possible on whether that niche is worth developing into a full site. If a long tail can bring you traffic that converts, you know that main niche will be very profitable. Why do you think Griz always target long tail first when developing any sites?

Tip 3= Amazon sites convert better when they are prettier. Unlike adsense when you need to be more ugly to draw clicks, people tend to buy more if your site looks to be more like a professional store. I tested a few themes and the better looking ones always draws more sales.

Tip 4= Authority sites can make more money in the long run. Majority of my Amazon earnings just come from 1 site. It was earnings peanuts before Nov but once it gains the all important trust from Google, the kind of growth is quite scary. Not only that, the potential for expansion seems to be limitless as you can always add in new product keywords to draw more traffic and sales.

Tip 5= When building authority sites for product niches, remember to go for both product specific keywords such as kenwood smoothie maker and general evergreen keywords such as best smoothie makers. The former can be ranked easily and helps your site to gain trust from Google through its ranking as well as to help you to make money faster. The latter is to let your site be more passive in the long run so that you don't have to worry about the buying interest for a particular product model slowing down.

Tip 6= Search out communities for your niche to fish out new product keywords even before they are on Amazon. If you are the first, the position will not be easily eroded if you have a strong site and have send some backlinks to these new product keywords.

The above is not a step by step guide to earning money from Amazon. Dave from making money on the Internet is the guru in Amazon and I suggest that you read his blog for specific instructions. What I have written are just my own personal experiences. Hope this will be useful to you and good luck in making money with Amazon.


Peter John said...

Hi Aaron,

I like your posts and had learnt alot of things from you. Anyways to contact you through email?

I also followed Grizz for some time but I don't have that kind of success you are having hope you can shed me some lights. Hear from you soon, cheers.


aaronchua said...

Thanks Peter for the comment. You can reach me through this email: aaron.weenian@live.com. I may take a while to reply as I am currently on vacation in Prague.

Dee Foster said...

Hello Aaron,
I saw your post on Dave's blog and had to come over to your blog. I am truely impressed AND inspired by your accomplishments.

I am doing ok on amazon but not nearly as good as you or as good as I could be doing. It all comes down to me doing more backlinking and creating more content for my site. I see now from you I am on the right track if I keep doing tot he work to getting my articles ranking.

I dont have time for article marketing so i am doing mainly profile backlinks for now.

I would be interested in how you acheived your fulltime income with adsense when you have time to share. you can reach me at ladyfoster67 at gmail

aaronchua said...

Hi Dee for dropping by.

As long as you keep your focus and backlink on your most profitable page (not site), then I have no doubts you will be making lots of money in no time.

As for adsense, one of the most important thing is to link your google analytics account to your adsense. I did it late but immediately saw the benefit.

With such integration, I can see which keywords is bringing me the most clicks as well as the highest CPC click. You can optimise your site around these money making keywords. I can't tell you how important the integration of analytics and adsense really is.

The date in fact forms the cornerstone on my strategy of triggering high paying ads as described in this post: http://www.aaronchua.com/2010/09/how-to-target-higher-paying-keywords.html.

Mark Keeler said...

Aaron, I have my analytics attached to adsense and not sure how to use it. I hit $85 last month and need to know what keywords are making me money. I am focusing everything with TKA on 4 new sites. However, I have a few sites that are making meoney that I can invest in outsourcing and BMR.


aaronchua said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the comment. You need to go to "traffic sources' section on the left and choose "keywords". Then underneath the "search sent XX visitors" you can choose the "adsense revenue" tab. This will tell you which keyword is bringing you clicks and how much is per click.

You can of course add this to your dashboard (simply choose "add this to dashboard" at the top) so that you can easily see this info everyday without going through the above steps. Hope this helps!

Aldo said...

Aaron nice that i found your blog , is always nice to read from people always testing new stuff.

I also was making nice income from amazon before panda but after all that i switched to adsense and have a nice income growing.

But like you are im willing to do amazon also since i have tasted it.

I have some sites that are related to amazon products but their clicks are very very so i think i could be switching them to Amazon since i could be making more since they have a $100-$500 price.

aaronchua said...


Thanks for reading. It is always nice to see people benefiting from the info.

Hope to see you around here more often!