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Saturday, 12 February 2011

How to earn 1000 with adsense-money making lesson two

Time to post an update on my experiment to reach USD1000 per month with an adsense site. For those who might have missed the post on how to create passive income with adsense, the link will take you to the first post. In summary, I have begin working on a site that has been dormant for a number of months. I started working seriously on it since Oct 2010 and my goal is to hit 1k in adsense by June 2011 (a total of nine months). What I did from Oct-Dec was to add 100 backlinks from postrunner and to add about 25 articles on my sites that target new keywords (new products). In my first update, I also reported on what the site is earning in Dec. Since there was a few days remaining in Dec in that update, the full income is shown below:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

So, USD83 for Dec from a site that I worked on for 3 months. Not too bad. I still remember my first 100 per month took me about 5 months and comes from 5-6 sites. To have this result in a shorter time and with just one site assures me that I am moving in the right direction.

So, what I did I do in Jan? I added 25 additional articles to the site that target new terms. I also started to backlink keywords that are beginning to show promise using buildmyrank. It was a lot of work but the results have, quite frankly, improved beyond my expectations. I initially expect about 150-200 in Jan. The results kind of flew past that:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

USD467 in Jan, from USD89 in Dec. That is a jump of about 500%, which is quite an astonishing growth. So, what did I really do to have this result?

The main driver is learning how to use emering products in your niche. For me, I managed to find 2 TV shows in my niche that talks about new products in every show. What I did was to look at the symbiosis for the show in advance and write new articles that review these products. Because the keywords had very little competition, my site managed to obtain first page rankings for almost all the new keywords that I target. When the showed aired, my traffic jumped and adsense clicks increased significantly. If you hit a really popular product, then you will see the spike as shown in the image above. That day alone, I got USD60 in adsense.

The good thing about targeting new product keywords, rather than news, is that some of them will proven to be long term traffic drivers as consumers begin accepting the products. That is how my site continue to enjoy the increased traffic even after the shows have aired, although the traffic levels will not be as high as when the products just aired.

All this points to an important lesson that I want to highlight here. You need to have processes for your online business. These processes must aim at your highest value adding activities. For this site, the highest value adding activities is new keywords discovery. I know that the more new keywords I target, the more revenue the site can generate. So, I created a routine whereby I will watch the symbiosis at certain nights and force myself to write articles that target these new keywords. Once this process has been established, it becomes a sureway fire to make more money. Without this process, I could have become lazy and the site might not make as much as it does now.

Of course, I intend to hand this process over to my outsourcer once I created a process for her to duplicate what I did. That is how you can scale your business. Do one thing yourself and once you know how it works, formulate a process to hand it over so that you can continue to do other higher value adding activities.

The above points to the fact that most online marketers don't have a business process. That is something I want to talk more in this blog because I feel that most IM blogs do not talk about the business management side of IM. However, to be successful, you need to apply management techniques to really grow your business. It is all about formulating business processes which gives you the biggest value and that recruiting outside help to scale these processes.

One of the thing that I am will be doing more this year is investment into established sites. I know how to make money now so for me, i am willing to buy sites that have traffic so that I can apply my current processes and resources to these sites and grow them. Through this approach, I will definitely hit my 10k a month goal this year and 30k a month goal next year. I have already bought 2 sites and in future posts, I will detailed how I select sites to buy and what to do with them once you have bought them over.

So you find this useful. Do leave a comment as it gets lonely here without them : )

Until my next update, go forth and make more passive income!


Norm said...

Hi Aaron,

Couple of questions.

1. Did you add 100 backlinks to the "Main Page" or specific "Posts"

2. BMR does it really work? I hear it does, how long did it take to see effect?

3. Any other methods of getting links. I really find this the hardest.

I love your blog but really like to understand the process alot more.

aaronchua said...

Hi Norm
Thanks for dropping by.

1) I add the links to the main page. My aim was not to rank for anything but to strength the domain as a whole. Among the 100 links, the anchor was quite varied. My intention was to make the site strong enough to be able to rank for keywords that have very little competition. Without that base of links, it is tough to rank for anything, even if they are not competitve

2) Yes it does. On a aged site with existing links, you can see the jump happening within a couple of days. For new site, I would say the effect might kick in after a month depending on how tough the competition is.

3) Post runner: cheapest link source and one of the most useful community around.

Hope this helps!

Mark Keeler said...


Thanks for the post. Great information. I am on TKA with you. The thread that so many of us have in common is Griz. I found him 18 months ago. I wish that I had followed his advice sooner.

You mentioned business processes. So true! A system that is scalable will do wonders. I tell my two boys that if we can make $100 a month, we can make $100,000 a month. Same process. I said that the big difference is that I will not be doing the writing or back linking.

My youngest son who is 8 years old said that he wants to build a website this weekend. I explained to both of them that while college/education is a great idea, having a business is the way to go.

I look forward to seeing your success on TKA. Cheers!

aaronchua said...

Thanks Mark, I look forward to your success as well!

Anonymous said...


great post here aaronchua,

my 2 noob questions:

1) how much search volume has your keyword who you make 1000$ in month in google external tool and spyfu?

2) how much competitors show google for your keyword in qoutes?

best wishes

aaronchua said...


You are not going to like my answer but I don't look at those at all.

For this, I target new treatments that have been announced on TV. Being so new, they will no search volume and competition.

What I am banging on is that these companies will stimulate interest in the new treatments via mass advertising. Once the interest has been stimulated, people will search and guess whose site will be there waiting for them?


And that is how you can attach any niche by targeting new products or services that have no competition.