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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to earn 1000 with adsense-final money making lesson

This post will conclude my step by step guide to making USD1000 with adsense with a new site. I have not achieved it but looking at the trend, I will hit it by next month. For those who might be new to this site, my goal was to take a site from USD0 to USD1000 within 9 months. The experiment started in Oct 2010 and should conclude by June 2011. However, looking at the data, I will get there in 6 months, rather than 9.

Here are the first two posts in this adsense experiment:
How to make USD1000 with adsense
How to make USD1000 with adsense - money making lesson 2

Ok, for those who wants some evidence of my earnings, here is Feb income

Click to enlarge image

As a reminder, here is my earnings for the previous three months:

Dec: USD87

So, I have shown that you can hit USD1000 with just one site, within 6 months. It all comes down to picking low competition keywords and knowing how to promote them via backlinks.

Let me state here that this site that is pulling in this amount is not a spam site by any means. All the content are high quality articles that have been written after considerable research. I believe in building assets that will last, rather than writing crap and getting the ban from Google.

Again, this is not the only site that I am working on so it is not even a 100% effort. If you repeat this process 10 times, the 10k per month income is not a dream. Question is do you have what it takes to pull through the earlier days to enjoy the fruits for your labor.

In fact, to show you that the results can be duplicated, I am starting a new site in the same market as this site. My goal is to hit USD500 with this new adsense site by June 2011 and USD1000 by Sept 2011. If I can accomplish this, it should be proof that making money online is a real possibility.

I am currently busy with building 2 big authority sites in the makeup and watches niches. I found some good writers who are passionate about these topics and formed a partnership to create these two sites. I want these 2 sites to be leaders and recognised in their niches so that they can another powerful source of income for me. These are currently not ready yet but once they are, I am more than happy to show them to you.

In terms of site investment, I made one this month in the wine industry. Again, domain investment is very new to me so I am taking it real easy and learning the steps. In my next article, I will focus on how to make money by buying sites that are already established.


kprimdal said...

Not bad Aaron, which I was at the same point as you

Brazen Hussey's said...

Sweet case study - and nice timing. So you outsource your content? I'm old school. I still do it myself.

One website making $1k a month in AdSense I'm sure would make more money with affiliate marketing - but that's just my view on the matter.

I used to do AdSense more - not sure I'll rush back to it, but I love your study and results.

aaronchua said...

Thanks for dropping by. This niche is not product focus but would definitely do well with lead generation. In fact, I am preparing a case study on how to turn an adsense site into a lead generation site. I need probably more time when the results are in to show the difference in earnings.

山下聖人 said...

Hi Aaron, can you show us how you did your research? I have problem getting my sites rank high, and my result sucks