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Monday, 17 October 2011

Back to low cost startup business ideas

This blog started in 2007 when I wanted to document all the ideas in my head. It was a fun two years as I ramble on like a madman and pretending to know how to really start a business. Ha! Those were the days.

After going through this online marketing phase do I realise that most of my ideas are too far away and mostly unreachable unless you were given lots of resource to slowly think about how to do it. Unfortunately, most of us don't have such luxury, myself included.

After staying away from the startup blogging scene for the past 2 years and writing about online marketing and SEO tricks and tips,  I am starting to think back to startups again. This is because not only you can make more money but it feels much better than just using some bland content to earn adsense income

So, I am back to writing about startup business ideas on top of the usual making money and SEO topics. This time, the ideas will be much more realistic and can be done with limited resources. They will also be tied to a SEO marketing strategy. I realise that without marketing, most startup ideas can't even can off the ground. The ideas I will be talking about will have some entry points in terms of search marketing so that a small team can have a chance to get targeted traffic to their products and services.

Even though I have lost some money in the internet marketing game due to the Google panda update, I still pick up quite a few business skills. Keyword research helps me to identify niches and market segments that I have never heard of. Earning adsense and amazon allow me to understand the importance of conversion ratios and proper landing page tactics. Finally,  I learn about content marketing and how it can help any business to start getting traffic.

So, if you are lacking startup business ideas, welcome to the blog. To get you started, here are 140 startup ideas that I have previously blogged about.