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Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to recover from Google Panda 2.6

Google Panda 2.6 just roll out and it is one of the devasting roll out for people making money online. In the Keyword Academy (btw, it is one of the best course for beginner on making money), the members are all reporting traffic and income reduction of up to 75%. My sites are affected as well even though they were unaffected in all the previous Panada updates. Nobody knows what are the factors that trigger Panada as it is all guesswork at the moment. If there is someone telling you that they have a solution for Panada 2.6, run for the hills because nobody got a freaking clue.

Below is a screenshot showing the adsense site that I building in my tutorial post on how to make 1000 with adsense.

(click to enlarge image)

Traffic in the last few days have reduced significantly with many keywords losing rankings. Income is down as well as the site is only earning 200, where it used to earn over 1k. This is not unique. Except for my authority sites, all my other sites have such declines. Overall, I am losing more than 5k due to Panada.
So, for those who are new to making money online, this is a real risk as a business. I am not complaining as I know full well this will be the risk but I thought it will be a good idea to let beginners know as most money making programmes don't highlight such risks.

How to recover from Google Panada 2.6
Frankly, I have no clues at the moment. Our gut feel is to do nothing and see how things changes over time. It is not uncommon for sites to recover after a few weeks. Then again, some sites never recover and this is when you know you need to clean up. If that is the case for my sites, this is what I will do:
  • Remove all tag pages: there is some seo theory saying that tag pages might trigger a duplicate content penalty so I will remove them to see if traffic recovers.
  • Look at pages that drop off the most and see if they have been optimised well. Most of the time, our sites suffer in rankings due to poor onsite SEO efforts. If you think onsite SEO is just keywords in article titles, page titles etc, you have some ways to go. 
  •  Relook at the site structure and see if they have been well optimised. Again, good navigation structure contributes to onsite SEO and might be the factor that can restore your site.
  • If all else, I will let the site go and start over. Triggering a panada penality might have a permanent damage to your trust factor and this needs to be rebuilt from scratch. In such cases, it might be easier to start afreash on a new site with no such penalties.
  • I am going to buy or build authority sites and start creating some real values (not just content) for the searcher. This is going to a separate post and I am going to detail my approach for making money online after reflecting at it for many months. 
Do I regret getting into online to make money?

Not really. Online is one the rare events that can level the playing field and allow anyone to break out of the 9-5 work and do something for themselves. Life is too short to submit yourself to the company.


Lion said...

Hi, Aaron, where do u know the drop search is because of the Panada?

I noticed my site have a big change. And i also want to find out the reason. How can I keep update with the latest news?

aaronchua said...

Hi Lion

The drop in search will be pretty drastic and you see ranking drops across the whole site.

Basically, panda will have a site wide effect.

Use google news : )