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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Finding long tail keywords - A case study

As allured in my previous articles, I have been using a long tail keyword tool called keyword strategy tool. Today, I am talk about how to use to tool and why I trusted it.

 The point about this tool is that it gives you an easy way to mine long tail keywords. Why is targeting long tail keywords important? Well, they are uncompetitive and can even rank without backlinks if they are aged enough. More importantly, you are not vulnerable to any particular keyword's ranking which save you a lot of heartache during Google update such as the recent Google Panda 2.6.  The challenge is that you need to produce a large volume of content and you need to have a constant way to finding long tail keywords. This is where Fraser's keyword tool comes in.

One of the main motivation for me to use the tool is the man behind the software. He is called Fraser Cain and is the owner of a super authority site on astrology and all sorts of crazy universe related stuff called UniverseToday. It is a PR8 site with almost 100k visitors per day. This man KNOWS how to build big authority site.

How does he do it? He believes in creating quality content that is targeted at long tail keywords so that the articles get natural links, i.e. what Google wants. Initially, he has his own spreadsheet and database to manage the millions of long tail keywords that is bringing his site traffic. However, as more and more people start to ask Fraser about his keyword management process, he realise that converting his own inhouse tool to something that can be used by others will be a great business.

This is how the long tail keyword tool came about. Since I trusted Fraser, I don't mind giving his tool a go.  So far, I am quite happy with it. As mentioned in my previous post on making money with wordpress themes, I am currently using the tools to create posts that targeted long tail keywords for wp themes. It is rather difficult to squeeze into this niche as it is rather competitive but I have been please with the result. So far,  each new page using the suggested long tail keywords has brought in abo15-20 visitors per day. If I can keep the posts up, these long tail keywords will collectively bring in hundreds of people per day looking for wordpress themes.

Ok, so how does the tool work.

When you first signed up at keyword strategy tool (first month is free), you will need to create a project.

Click to enlarge picture

Next, you need to start giving the projects keywords to feed on. This can be done in a couple of ways.
  • linking to your google analytics
  • add a code to your site
  • linking to your google webmaster
  • manually key in your keywords
Ideally, this long tail keyword generator works best if you have more than 3000 keywords in the database so that it can the low competition ones for you. Once you entered all the keywords, the tool will start to update all the information about the keywords. This will take a day so just leave it on in your browser. Below is the screen you will use to manage the keywords.

 Click to enlarge picture

Assuming you have done all that, it is time to play with the filters at the top. There are many different filters you can use. I normally just use the competition one to show me the all the low competition keywords.

The best part about the keyword strategy tool is that it will continue to update your projects with new keywords. This is because of the linking you have done with all the analytics and webmaster accounts. Hence, what will happen is this: when you first start a project, there will be an initial list of keywords you can work with and create content for. When these new content draws in new keywords, the tool will be updated and finds more long tail keywords for your site. This is a virtuous cycle that will ensure that you never run out of low competition and long tail keywords to target.

So, if you are interested to give this a try, the first month is free. Doing it yourself is to best way to test the keyword strategy tool.