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Friday, 16 December 2011

Why I am not making money online

Some of my regular readers might remember my little experiment in setting up an adsense money making course. That experiment was of course a big failure as most of the participants failed to put in any work.

I got an email from one of them a couple of weeks ago and this is what he has written:

"Dear Aaron it has been sometime since you last guide me on making money online on niche. I has register the domain as promise But I find it hard to do autoblogging for this niche as i find little website about it. Need your further guidance here."

Firstly, I must apologise for making this email public as I have not seek the permission of the author. But I do so because there are some things written in this email that irritates the hell out of me.

  • Autoblogging. What the hell %^$^^: When did I say that you will use autoblogging for your site? I stressed that you need to have original content. Autoblogs are temporary money making blogs. They are great for people who have a factory line to keep churning them out. As a beginner, don't take the shortcut. Learn how to do a proper site for God's sake.
  • Doing work? This email was a couple of months after I have given him a keyword spreadsheet to work on. I thought he was busy writing the content. After all these months and the best he can show is a autoblog? I could set that up in 1 hour. So, what did he do during these months? I am not sure and I am too angry to ask. If you don't even have 'time' to do the work, give up making money online. Internet is not a money printing machine. Processes have to be set up, content has to be written and promotion of the content needs to be done. Without all these, how in the world are you going to make money?
  •  Need my advice? For what! Taking time from me means I have less time to do my own work. I am not charging anybody for my advice so I appreciate it if the least you can do is to implement certain things before asking for my time again. I am not going to give advice to someone who just did an autoblog. 
Sorry about the rant. The important takeaway is that nothing happens by itself. Why do you think I started the 50 amazon site challenge? It is to push myself to do more so that I not only make more money but I can learn more about being a great amazon affiliate.

If someone like me who is already 2 years into the game and earning a full time income is pushing myself, who excuses do you have for not doing the work if you are a beginner?


jABI said...

This Blog is very useful.believe everyone..its gives ultimate knowledge......

山下聖人 said...

Dear Aaron,
I understand you are angry,I might have misunderstand you.
Ok, we are not building an autoblog, sorry for the misunderstand.
I personally don't like autoblogging as it cannot help me in adsense and will caused adsense account being blocked. I'm happy to know also we are not building autoblog here.

2nd, I am only able to shift out my personal time someday during last few months. I am busy with my personal thing also some development in my future career. I understand internet is my future career for long long term, but for that few months I am left with no choice but to focus on some personal issue first.

I do seriously want to develop business, that's why I have register the domain and hosting for my Corner Furniture Guide http://cornerfurnitureguide.com/
If I am not serious, I would not bother to even register the domain in the first place and spending money on hosting. Though it can be only peanuts to full time internet earners, but to me I have taken my brave first step to walk toward my future.

In future, I will spend 2 hours of my time after normal working hours to work on this website. Well, if you can guide me, I am happy and willing to learn, if not I am also happy with current development in the site as I starts seeing some results alright.