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Friday, 30 December 2011

How to make money in 2012

No goals, no money. Simple as that. This is not a new year resolution post. It is a target setting post where I outlined my plan for achieving financial independence. 

In this old article on mine about targeting buying keywords for beginners, I talk about my money making 2011 target was USD5000 per month. If you read this post on why my adsense dropped in 2011, you will know that I have actually achieved it. Even if I did manage to lost a big chunk of my adsense income, my other online income sources are still keeping me alive : ).

Overall, 2011 was a year that was filled with its ups and downs. It was exciting to see my online income jumping to 5 figures and really open my eyes to what was possible. At the same, the same rate in which my income fell also exposed me to what was the risk of churning out low quality niche sites.  If I am to summarise 2011, it would be this: making a full time income online is certainly possible but you need to build quality sites from day one to avoid penalties down the road. 

So, 2012, my goals is still USD5000, on top of my current income. However, the actually composition will not be purely adsense. I think over replying on one income source is a huge mistake that I shall not repeat in 2012!

How is what my ideal income streams will look like by end of 2012:
  • Amazon: USD2500. My current amazon earnings is about USD200-300. I hope the 50 amazon niche site challenge can take me to this level.
  • Adsense: USD1000 from cosmetic surgery sites. My current adsense income from this niche is around USD600 (down from USD5k) and I want to grow it back to at least 1k again.
  • Selling sites: USD1500. I intend to sell some of my amazon sites once they have a history of making a recurring income. I can’t manage so many websites forever. Eventually I will focus on those that I have interest in to continue to develop them. For the rest of the sites which are earning money but have no attraction for me, I want to offer them to my readers first before putting them on Flippa for sale. Rather than peddling some tools or other products, it is better to offer you guys income producing properties that will make you money! Imagine that! Buying something that actually gives you cash, rather than a tool that you HOPE can give you money.
It is a relatively simple plan. However, if executed well, I believe it is a very realistic target. I would love to hear what are your ideas for making money for 2012. The comments are open!


sudarshan said...

My Goal is to make 3000$ a month and that is from adsense + amazon.. I am sure that I can achieve this provided I stick to my work ethic... I am a regular reader of your blog and though I don't comment here, I love your posts!! I have sent you couple of emails with some doubts... Sadly I didnot get any reply though :(

aaronchua said...

Hey sudarshan,

Thanks for being a reader man. I have answered your email on keyword competition through my post. If that did not clarify things, please let me know : )

If you other questions, feel free to leave a comment or to email me.

Have a great 2012!

famously wealthy said...

Have been a lurker on this site for long,it's time i start contributing to your write ups. however i find your article great on quality and always precise.

presently my challenge foe 2012 is to build 10 adsense site, that will earn $4 each daily. i also plan to build links consistently to my amazon site, i will see to having 10 amazon site before the end of the year too. each should earn 60 dollars monthly.

Great blog keep up the good work. Your models are beautiful, i think i might hunt for them when i have the time and money to travel around the world.

aaronchua said...

@fanously wealthy

Welcome to my wacky world of making money online and photos of cute models, actresses and singers!

I love the fact you are setting targets for yourself. That is the first step to achieving it.

Next step is to put them in action!

Look forward to see more of your comments around this lonely and silent blog!

sudarshan said...

@aaronchua May I know through which post you have answered that... Thanks for the answer :)

aaronchua said...

It is the one on how to do your keyword competition. As I argued in that post, it is beyond just links : )

sudarshan said...

@aaronchua thanks a lot :) found that... I read in one of your posts about multiple adsense accounts by having seperate llc... Could you make a post on how to do that... It would be helpful for people like me who are constantly in the fear of getting click bombed!!

aaronchua said...


For multiple adsense accounts, get one for your family first. They are the easiest to get. Google for 'get adsense approved' to find services that might help you. : )

Once you have exhausted this option, set up a separate legal entity. Limited partnership is the best if it is available in your country. They give you protection from your personal assets without the paperwork of a company.

Norm said...

Hey Aaron,

Another lurker here ;). But 2012 is the year Im going to start socialising ;) more online.

I know how you feel with the highs and lows of mmo, when your entire or most of your income relies on this business working out. However I see the lows as an opportunity to learn and grow ;) myself in this industry. Grow a thicker skin and develop even more.

You are correct on the risk of one income and diversifying is important (sounds like an investor) especially as an internet marketer often what we see is a necessary evil i.e. link building to ensure our survival may not favour us with certain companies.

I look forward to many updates on your projects this year.

I myself have embarked on building 50 niche sites, not as much focus on Amazon, but a mix bag of different vendors of sort.

Wishing you a wonderful year.


aaronchua said...


Welcome to my humble blog! : )

With the experiences you gained in 2011, I am sure 2012 will be a much better year for you.

I look forward to seeing your progress updates as well!

Thanks for leaving a comment.