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Monday, 2 January 2012

50 amazon sites challenge progress report #4

Welcome to the 50 amazon niche site challenge 4th progressive report.  This is a regular report where I report my crazy idea of making 50 amazon sites that hopefully make USD50 each month. If you are new, check out this resource page that documents all the materials related to the this amazon niche site challenge.

I made a minor change to the reporting  table below. Specificially, in the 'type' column, I merged the cateogry of 'self written'  and 'outsourced' to 'new'. This is because I find that I am adding content to sites that need more work even though they might have outsourced articles. I find it easier to just call them 'new' sites in the sense that I have just registered the domains and created the sites for this challenge.

Now, on to the progress report. First, the bad.
  • No new sites made money since progress report #3. It is still the same 3 sites creating the revenue. That sucks for motivation but my other half says this is still early stage. So, what can I do but to suck it all up like the man that I am!
  • I thought I can create more site during this holiday seasons but I end up spending more time with friends. Well, there goes the productivity although I am still ahead in terms of my site creation schedule. 
  • Site 8 has seen the greatest increase in traffic. For a new site to have 192 unique visitors in its first month is a good sign. The bad thing is the conversion. No sales at 192 visitors means either the product is a stinker or my landing page sucks. I get the feeling it might be the former because people are clicking through my amazon links. It is just they don't buy anything after landing in amazon. Sheez!
The good:
  • Revenue jumped since the last report. Total revenue since the challenge started is USD178. Total expense is USD739. So, I still making a loss of -USD561.  Since it is still early days, I am not too bothered by the loss. In this game, you need to put in the investment first before you see the passive income streams month after month. I already paid for 33 domains but have not put the site up which explains for the cost difference between the USD739 and the table below.
  • All sites saw increase in ranking and traffic. I think they will continue to gain steam in 2012 and I look forward to making more money with them!
  • Site 3 has break even!  Maybe people buy more wine for Christmas but earnings for this site jumped from USD20+ in Nov to USD80+ in Dec. This site has been live since 2010 but not really used.  I hope the rest of the new sites become better earners once they have aged as well.
SiteNicheCreated Cost Monthly EarningsMonthly Visitors Type
1ToyJun 2011155 53900Purchased
2ApplianceNov 201125NA45New
3WineNov 20116783458Aged
4ApplianceNov 20113013146New
5BicycleDec 201125NA10New
6StorageDec 201120NA62New
7ApplianceDec 201130NA59New
8BeddingDec 201134NA192New
9Wine Dec 201125NA3New
10GardeningDec 201140NA0New


Hakan said...

I've read quite a bit of your blog today Aaron and its clear you know your stuff so I'm sure you'll be succesful with these sites!

Are you willing to share the link to just one of your Amazon sites? If only just to give the rest of us new kids on the block some inspiration! :-)

aaronchua said...

Hi Hakan

Glad to find the blog useful.

Yes, I will be revealing some niches once I know they are winners. No point showing people the wrong things. Maybe a month more.

Thanks for your comment!

greenliving said...

I'm curious why you don't have say 1 appliance site instead of having multiple sites with different appliances on it.

Any reason for that? I know it's quicker to set up a site with a few pages and for SEO keeping it tight is good but for myself I'd be worried the site was too thin and might get a KO from a certain black and white bear.

aaronchua said...


Appliance is a big market. I trying to uncover the hidden gems before committing to make a good quality site about the niche.

If you have been in the game long enough, you should know that the 80:20 rules applies here. I don't want to waste a lot of time to build a good quality when I don't know what are the winners.

As for Panda, you might find that having a diverse site without the necessary authority links or age will trigger the content farm alert.

In fact, I find that sites that are laser focus survive Panda much better than broad sites that have very little authority to carry such a diverse keyword group within the site.