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Saturday, 14 January 2012

How much money can you make online - Income report #1

Welcome to the first income report on aaronchua.com. I had to think through this carefully before revealing how much I am earning. I am not comfortable disclosing all my income but I want to track my earnings goals in public for greater accountability. In the end, I decided to disclose only the income source that is relevant to my 2012 make money targets.

This is what will be included:
  • adsense earnings from my cosmetic surgery niche
  • all my amazon earnings
  • proceeds from sale of websites
These will be excluded
  • adsense from non cosmetic surgery niches
  • other ad networks such as infolinks, contextweb, media.net etc
  • other affiliate networks such as the wordpress theme affiliates
  • private advertising
I hope that disclosing the earnings will keep me focused on achieving my 5k income target through the 3 income sources that I mentioned above.

Ok, so without any further ramblings, here is my income report for Dec 2011.

Adsense: USD680
I currently have 3 sites making this amount from two different adsense accounts. The first screenshot shows the adsense earnings from an account that belongs to my friend while the second screenshot is my own account. No surprise here as I have already mentioned that my adsense income from the cosmetic surgery niche has fallen from USD5k to about USD600.

Amazon: USD630
Dec was a good month for amazon in general so I expect this number to drop in Jan. From this amount, about USD149 came from the amazon niche site challenge.

Total: USD1,310
Well, not exactly a full time income yet as I still have some way to go before hitting the 5k mark. Sometimes, it is hard to motivate yourself with such low earnings but you know you need to put in the work first before seeing any concrete results. Saw another 2 good domains today that I will probably buy and create a site on.

Love to hear your thoughts and your progress, my beloved 5 readers!


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Great job on the online earnings -- and you've got more than 5 readers!

sudarshan said...

Good to know that you are motivated and focused in what you are doing... I am sure that income report will be increasing month after month from now.. Also I would like to know how to keep the adsense CTR to minimum because I have seen one of my site having CTR around 10% and I have been tracking clicks with statcounter and it all comes from search engines.. I still want to make sure that I should not get red flagged by google!! Thanks

aaronchua said...


Thanks for your comments!

I got 6 readers now. haha.

I am not satisfied with this level of earnings as I used to earn much more. Need to work harder! ha!

Hope you see around here more often.

aaronchua said...


I hope so! : )

If you want to minimize CTR, just change your adsense placement. Typically, those in the sidebars get less clicks.

Personally, I will not worry about the high CTR unless your content is questionable or your adsense placement is too aggressive.

If you are getting many clicks due to the nature of your niche, it is ok. Some desparate niches have high CTR.

sudarshan said...

@aaron I have taken your advice and started creating adsense account account for my relatives too from their houses so that I can use them when I have more websites for monetization.. Just wanted to stay under google's radar and want to make sure that I don't get banned for anything!!

山下聖人 said...

Aaron,seems that you are focusing on a really niche site, so little impression and so high income.
Must be some high paying keywords?

aaronchua said...

@山下聖人, I have mentioned the niche in the post. It is in the cosmetic surgery niche. It is one of the tougher niches to get into. Very hard to make money in unless you know what you are doing. I was doing 5k with this niche before the Panda update.

Just found your blog and realise you are from Malaysia. I am from Johor although I now stayed in Singapore.

rahulbuzz said...

wow 30,000 clicks

simplyrichhome said...

How did you create more adsense account when you indicate before some of your adsense account close by google adsense.

Please share advise.

simplyrichhome said...

Any super suggestion to maintain adsense operating condition ?

aaronchua said...


There is something wrong with one of my amazon sites. Amazon keeps saying I got about 1k clicks per day from that site which generates only 20+ visitors. Might be a broken script I used on that site. So don't pay too much attention to the clicks stats on that screenshot.

aaronchua said...


Good questions!. I have write a post about them soon.

山下聖人 said...

Hi Aaron,
Yes I'm from Malaysia, been to SG, but still love Malaysia. I think this is a better place for future and also a lower cost if I want to focus on online money making in future.

Living cost here slightly lower.
Adsense account easy to get when you register another ID using different name and identification, but money from Google attention that person, so I think must be someone you can trust?

If not you can register another account under the company account?

Aaron just one question. One of my blog with lots of adsense income previously cannot earn me anything now because I think adsense ads being disable in that blogger.com Is there anyway to add back an adsense to that blog? I'm earning like 30+ previously, now totally nothing because ads did not even shown

aaronchua said...


Getting mulitple adsense accounts is good for diversifing.

Get accounts for your family members first, then your friends, then a company account.

For your blogger problem, is adsense being disbaled for your account or just to the particular blog? Have you received any email from the adsense team.

Adsense has the ability to disable ad serving either on an account basis or on a site basis. The email will tell you which is it.