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Monday, 30 January 2012

How to get an adsense account without waiting for 6 months

This is a short post on how to create an adsense account fast or to get multiple adsense accounts.

How to create an adsense account fast

Typically, a new blog needs some time to age before it can be used to apply for a brand new adsense account. It needs to have content being added constantly and it must look good enough to pass a visual inspection. This will probably take you around 6 months. If you don't have the patience, here are some shortcuts that you can take:
  • Borrow an aged blog from a friend who has no adsense. Use that to submit for adsense application. If it is the average personal diary type of blogs, it should get approved prtty fast. 
  • Write a few good quality articles on hubpages or infobarrels.  Make these long and genuine. Use your hubpage or infobarrel ID as the application website. This has a higher chance than a new blog.
  • Google for the term "get adsense approved". There is a service provider there who can help to get new adsense accounts within 2-3 days. I have tired it and it works. I don't know how the guy did it but he always delivers the accounts without problem. 

How to get multiple adsense accounts

The above works for multiple adsense accounts as well. However, you do need a real person to receive the cheques for these additional adsense accounts.

Again, there are a couple of ways to do this:
  •  Use your family's name but try not to use the same address. You can use your office address as the mailing address for your family members accounts. 
  • You can set up a company. The best form is the limited partnership. This protects your personal  assets from any legal liability that the company might incur. At the same time, it doesn't have all the huge paperwork that a limited company has. 
Hope this helps for people 


kevin jhonson said...

@aaron thanks for the post at the right time :) I am trying to get an adsense account for my cousin and using a 3 years old website with quality content.. Hope it gets approved :) Would like to know about the service you are talking about... Can you share the url if you don't mind :)

aaronchua said...

Just search for the term "get adsense approved". It should be the number result you see in Google. : )