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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Make money with adsense tips

Time to answer the questions that one of my new readers raised regarding how to make 1k with adsense post. If you have not read that, please do so that you can follow the discussion here.

1: Is there any good example of a high earning adsense site out there that you know of (does NOT have to be yours, just want to see some successful one)

Universetoday.com. Earns more than 10k per month from a niche that has super low commercial intent and CPC. 

2: How many articles and keywords do you target on an adsense site where you would like to earn $1000+ /month?

This is a two tier approach to how I target keywords to make money with adsense. On the site level, I will target many new product keywords. In the site that I used in my case study, I targeted 100 new product keywords with 100 posts. The reason for doing so is that you never know which keywords will convert in terms of adsense clicks so you need to over target.

On the second tier, I target many long tails within the post itself to rank for many variations of the main keyword for that article. For example, if I target a term such as ABC treatment in the post title, I will target long tails such as prices of abc treatment, how much do abc treatment cost, abc treatment reviews, side effects of abc treatment etc. 

This two approach is how I gathered rankings for thousands for long tail keywords. Sum together, they can bring you over 1k per month. See my case study on using a software to find longtail keywords.

3: How often do you post new articles on your adsense sites?

During the first few months of a new site, I posted about 2-3 articles per week to gain trust. After six months, my posting schedule will become slower to the tune of around 1 post per month or every 2 months. The longest I have gone without a post is around 4 months.

4: could you recommend 2-3 niches with possible keywords in, where 1 site could earn around $500-1000/month?

I would say almost every niche can make you 500-1k per month. Keywords with low cpc needs lots of volume and vice versa.

My recommendation is to look for niches where new products are always introduced regularly, especially in markets where women and children are the main type of people searching for them. These group of people tend to click more.

So, good examples of such niches include beatuy products, toys, coupons, recipes etc.

5: could you recommend any high quality service provider that offer good adsense sites? where one could buy new high quality adsense sites with good keywords research = high search low comp etc for decent price?

Flippa is your friend although you need to do lots of due diligence. You can read my post on how to buy websites to make money.

I will also sell sites for sale from time to time. The 2 that I sold recently are good examples, They used to make about USD150 per month but the new owner has raised to about a couple of hundreds now just by backlinking the keywords that are already making money.

6: how much backlinking do you do to each site/article?

The favourite question asked by all : )

You need to first know what is the purpose of your backlinks. Backlinks can help your site by getting search engines to  do deeper and more frequent crawl for your site. They can also help by giving relevance through the anchor text.

I am not a supporter of the latter. I think you just need a few good links to get your new site indexed and to achieve better crawling. By learning how to target uncompetitive keywords and longtails, I don't need that many backlinks. I don't care about rankings of particular keywords. The only thing I care about is how much traffic the search engines are giving and that need not necessary means you need to rank for high volume search terms.

Most of the keywords that I target in my case study site have no backlinks at all.


Kent Chow said...

Really like your input on the question 4. Thanks for putting up this post.

I like this style of post and will try one later.

James said...

Do u have sites for sale currently?

aaronchua said...


Thanks for reading. Glad you found something useful that you can use!

aaronchua said...


Yes, sales coming up soon once I decided what to sell! I have over 100 sites so need time to sort through what I really like to develop and what I can sell.