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Thursday, 2 February 2012

50 amazon sites challenge progress report #6 Why I am not making money with Amazon

Here comes the 6th progress report on my 50 amazon niche sites challenge. If you want to see the breakdown in the number, please visit this Amazon earnings page. I will only post the summary here.

Number of amazon sites created: 2 more new sites have been created since update #5. This makes a total of 20 amazon sites created so far. I will stop making new sites in Feb and focus on getting some of the current sites to rank better and hopefully to start making more money.

How much money was made in Amazon
Nov 2011: Revenue =  USD29, Cost = USD227
Dec 2011: Revenue = USD149, Cost = USD412
Jan 2012 : Revenue = USD86, Cost = USD40

Net Profit: -USD416

This month netted only USD86. The drop was expected given that the buying season is over. January has almost been a slow month and let's see if Feb will be better.

Highlights in January

  • 3 sites started making money. Good sign : ) 
  • Site 3 (the wine site) got a good bump in its ranking. It was already ranking #1 for a three word term and now, the 2 term keyword has appeared on page 1, #8. This had lead to a nice increase in daily traffic.
  • Site 4 continues to have consistent income despite not bringing the highest traffic. I will be focusing more on this site and bringing my SEO strategy to play. If you have noticed, each of this site was built with minimal resources and effort. When I see a promising site like this, it will be time to bring out my big guns. This means full onsite seo, deeper keyword research and leveraging on my network of high PR sites to boast this baby up. I do have a arsenal of SEO weapons at my disposal. Believe me when I say that when I can rank in the ultra competitive cosmetic surgery niche, I have built up quite a bit of seo resources. 
  •  I came up with a good content strategy for several of these niche sites. I do hope these mini site can last and that only happen if your site has interesting and relevant content. I will created a separate post on how to build quality niche sites after Panda so watch out for it if you are interested in this topic.

The stuff that is making me sad :( in Janaury

The dreaded Google Dance is happening to some of my sites. Either the fresh content bonus has disappeared or I did something that did not impress the algorithm. Anyway, the end result was that some sites have disappeared from the SERPs. In particular, sites 5, 7 and 11 have lost the ranking for their main keywords : (

Other than that, I had a happy Jan : )

One particular happy event was that aaronchua.com dropped below the 200k mark in alexa. I know, I know. This means nothing but I still feel a sense of false achievement : ).

Why I am not making money from Amazon

Back to serious stuff. I am going through my stats to see why some of my sites are not making money despite getting the traffic. I hope that listing these reasons out can let you know why sometimes traffic does not equal sales.
  • The source of traffic is not from US. Sometimes, your site will get ranked in .ca or .uk even though you might target these countries. In such cases, your conversion will be low because non US folks are not buying as much as stuff online as the Americans. 
  • You need more traffic. There is a saying in the making money online world that if traffic comes too easily, you are not likely to make money from it. This stems from the fact that the market in search is quite efficient. People will drift to the keywords that make money, thus making them harder to compete in. Conversely, this means that keywords which do get traffic easily are those that might not convert very well. This does not mean zero sales but you do need a much larger volume of traffic than other sites to see conversions. I think my site 10 (the bedding site) suffers from this problem. 
  • Not targeting buying terms. I have been stressing that you need to rank for buying keywords but I seems to be making this mistake for my amazon niche sites. Rather than trying to rank for keywords such  as item X for sale or cheap item X or item X under 100 dollars, I have been ranking these sites for their main keywords which might be too general. So, for the next batch of new domains, I will be buying domains that have stronger buying intentions.  

Niche site revealed

After thinking though this, I decided finally to reveal my sites for 2 reasons.
  • I find that when I read the blogs from other make money folks, I enjoyed those that revealed the niche. It just sounds more exciting and cool to be able to look at the real site and relate that to what the author is talking about. 
  • It makes it easier for me to demo my money making techniques if there are sites that I can show you. 
So, for this progressive, the niche I am revealing is site #13. The niche is mini cupcake maker. I chose this niche because it fulfills my criteria of having very little competitiors. (See the post on my unqiue take on how to check keyword competitiveness). The price is not very ideal though as these mini cupcake makers cost than USD50. In the coming weeks, I will be updating this site to show you how I can make this site earn some passive income for me!


山下聖人 said...

Hi Aaron, I like your post

aaronchua said...

Thanks for the mention in your blog.

As a side advice, recipe sites takes lots of traffic to see signficant returns. If you want to see a few hundred dollars frop recipe sites, prepare to get at least 1-2k unique visitors per day.

That being said, there are tons of long tail keywords that you can mine in such niches.

Good luck!

山下聖人 said...

thanks Aaron. Currently focus on my corner furniture site.
I find some keywords, such as Ottoman a good keyword

山下聖人 said...

Hi Aaron,
I started putting Amazon ads into my post, do you think what I did is a bit awkward?

Need your comment, thank you.

aaronchua said...

It is best to focus on one form of monetization per post. Test for yourself whether adsense or amazon earns more money and keep that as the only option on the page. It will increase conversion. Cheers!

deograci_22 said...

hi Aaron,

My site in Make Money Online niche is in the first page of google with the main keyword as my domain name. However, I'm getting a dismal amount of traffic and I wonder why. I thought being in the first page of google especially on the top 3 or 5 will give you a decent traffic?

Please kindly reply to my e-mail address as well: camanang@hotmail.com


aaronchua said...


It all depends on the keyword's exact search volume.

Do you mean that your main keyword is make money online? If it is, the site should see lots of traffic if it is on page one.

If it is not, I need to know what is the keyowrd before assessing your problem.


Brandon said...

hi Aaron,

Great blog, ilike how you went into great details about your amazon niche sites. I have the same thing in my blog a niche challenge similar to yours as well but I didn't get into as much detail as you did :)

Amazon is great because it converts well. if you promote clickbank You are in for a hard time unless you have really high converting offers.

Anyways, alot of my amazon sites are not ranking at all BUT they are bringing in sales :) ( some just enough to cover the yearly domain cost, so i just renew them anyways)
To date i have made almost 11k from Amazon.com that's from about 160k revenue worth of products from Amazon. But well it was in the span of 15 months or so :(.. Not enough to go full time)

I was thinking of building authority amazon sites, rather than sniper type sites now, perhaps in the future.

Anyways I am currently taking up a 1 on 1 with coaching someone from the warrior forum creating my own clickbnk products and marketing them. So lets see how i do in the months to come :)

Anyways all the best to you AAron

aaronchua said...


Thanks for dropping by. 11k is a great achievement for 15 months.

I am afraid to say though, these amaon niche sites' days may be numbered.

I have a new strategy on how to create an amazon authority site that cna last.

Don said...

Aaron ~

Great info and style ^5

Have looked checked your blog from A-Z and it's bookmarked ;)

There's relevent stuff here for newbies and experieced marketers alike and it's great to see how you walk the walk.

Respect! ;)

Don said...


I can understand your confusion about what's happening with your main keyword.

Instead of me trying to offer my 2-cents I think you might benefit from the findings of another well known marketer whose e-mail I received - concerning the problem you mentioned here.

It goes like this:

Google has just pushed out a major update. Lots of
collateral damage on this one.


"Make Money Online"

Search Google for "make money online" and check out this site that's currently ranking on page one:


It's blank. 110,000 exact-match global searches a month for that phrase, and Google's showing a blank blog on page one. Wow.

Hopefully this will help others to "see" what is going on at the moment.

Let's hope things soon settle down...!

Best wishes

Don said...


Do tell ;)

I'm sure I am not the only curious one *lol*


aaronchua said...


Thanks for all your comments LOL

It is readers like you that makes blogging worthwhile.

No worries, I will talking more about passion sites once I have the data to backup what I said.

aaronchua said...


Thanks for all your comments LOL

It is readers like you that makes blogging worthwhile.

No worries, I will talking more about passion sites once I have the data to backup what I said.

Kurt Thomas said...

I just found your blog today and read your 50 Amazon Sites Challenge. For the past few months i've been doing Amazon sites as well. I have about 10 at the moment and hope to have about 50 by Christmas. Most of them are less than 2 months old, so not much traffic yet and no products bought on Amazon... Very depressing. I've been giving them backlinks ever day, so they should be at around PR1 - PR2 at the next update. Hopefully that will rank them in the top 10 and I'll start seeing some profits. :)

If you wouldn't mind taking a look at some of my Amazon sites, I'd like to know what you think? Thanks, and please be sure to make another progress report soon!