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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Adsense niche ideas for you to steal!

In my recent exploration of the finance niche, I came cross the some interesting ideas for niches that I have never thought of. Rather than just giving you the site url, I will also try to generalise these ideas so that you know how to come out with these adsense niche ideas.

Most of the time, what we know by niche ideas are things such as 'oval coffee table' or 'student loan for mums' or 'cheap ipad case' etc. How to make these niche ideas into useful sites is a challenge. With these niche ideas that I am about to show you, they can allow you to create really useful sites, which hopefully can help us to avoid the much dreaded and hated Panda updates.

(By the way, panda 3.2 just ran on 18 Jan, 2012 but my sites were not affected so I didn't noticed)

First adsense niche idea: http://www.pennytest.com/

This is a one page site answering a single question. The key here is not to say that there is little search volume for this niche but to realise that you can build a site with one expert tip that you might have already known. You might have one nice CSS trick, or one wordpress hack or one knitting tip or one gardening advice. This can be the basis of your one page site. If you build such a site, there will be nothing spammy about the site because the tip will be something that is useful and relevant.

Second adsense niche idea: http://freetickettojapan.com/

This niche idea is about turning your goals into a niche site. The author of this site wanted to hunt for a free air ticket to Japan and so she blogged about her attempts at doing so. I think this is a great idea! Why not think about all the goals that you want to achieve such as buying a second house, getting a sports cars, live in a beach home etc and create a niche blog about it. I am sure the content will be interesting and you should be able to promote it more easily as well.

Third adsense niche idea: http://whatisdividend.com/

I like this niche idea because it shows how you can enter a competitive market such as finance if you use a classic market segmentation strategy to identify poor served markets. In this case, the author have segment the market by investment instruments and then by types of audience. This site is not about investing. It is not about dividend investing. It is about dividend investing for beginners.

Once you have segment such a market out, it is easier to create useful content like what the site has done. It is a niche site but is a site that I find useful when I was searching info about dividend investing.

Most of the time, we don't think of niches in this way. We just use a keyword tool to come out with the idea for the site. However, you should combine the keyword approach and the market segment approach to craft a unique selling proposition for your niche site. It will make it easier for you to create the content and to structure your onsite navigation.

If you think such a post is useful, I can turn it into a regular feature here on aaronchua.com.

Thanks for reading my rants on how to make money online!


Barry said...

Its was very useful

I loved your examples to those niche site. keep blogging

p.s try to change the capcha code to something easier.

aaronchua said...

Hey barry

Thanks for your comment! For a moment, I thought nobody liked this post and I was thinking of stopping this topic : )

Ok, will see what I can do about the capcha.

ShekharG said...

Like your theory!!!

"where to buy dry ice" gets 22,200 searches as per google adword tool.

How much do you think anyone with exact domain name can make ?

wheretobuydryice.com - do you think this site adds value? and how much is he/she earning through that 1 ad?

aaronchua said...


Depends on the position of the site. How much you make has no relation with your domain name.

You can use this formula to estimate the adsense earnings:

Received traffic * 3% Click through * CPC * 68% which is your share of the cpc.

The received traffic will depend on where the site is ranked and the exact search volume.

As to the site quality, I think it does not answer the search query well.

If it was me, I would use the domain to build a directory service to list companies that sell dry ice in different states.