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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Banned from adsense Now what

This is kinda of creepy.  I used Wesley as an example in my last post on how to make 100 with adsense is easy but maintaining it is hard to tell you guys that the current niche model is flawed. Well, he just said in his latest post that he got banned from adsense.


Wow, do I have the ability to predict the future?
Not really. Just some real experience and the wisdom to know that history always repeats itself.

You see. Wesley is a typical person who will be successful online. He is hardworking and he is intelligent. He is the one who will get starry eyed when he first heard of making money online. He will also see some initial success and make some good money for himself.  Unfortunately, he will also see trouble when the rewards are just coming because his foundations are all wrong due to what was preached in the online money making world.

It is not his fault that he got into all sorts of trouble such as being penalised by Panda or getting his adsense account banned. In fact, I argued that this is to be expected. I have seen this cycle of success followed by troubles many many times, including on myself!

We suffered through this because our foundations are wrong.

We chase keywords instead of real markets
We chase backlinks instead of real visibility to our customers
We chase clicks instead of real engagement
We chase money instead of value

There was a lot of comments advising Wesley on how to get a new adsense account. That is not the problem.

The problem is our business model. The sooner we fight our way to a real model, the better it is for us. If you are starting in your niche site journey today, remember not to take shortcuts.

There is nothing wrong with building niche sites per say as long as you don't forget the fundamental of providing value in the marketplace. Niche content is nothing more than spotting an area where there is an opprtunity to make the information more accessible or available to the people searching for it.

Use the gift of SEO wisely. Don't use it on the wrong foundations. If you do things right, you don't have to worry about getting banned from adsense or any of the other nonsense in the online money making world.

More to come about this if you interested to know how to really make money online.