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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Why you should create personal finance blogs to make money

For those living in Singapore, you realise the industry here always move slower than the US, especially when it comes to Internet Marketing. SEO, for example, is still not widely practiced here. This creates an opportunity for those who want to make money online in Singapore.

Currently, the personal finance blogs are doing pretty well in the US. Most of them made money by selling their page rank to financial companies. The amount per link is actually pretty high, going from 200 to 400 per link if you have a site with high PR. This is not unexpected given that the finance industry is rich and can afford to buy links and push their rankings up.

Now, this is going to happen sooner or later in Singapore. SEO will be more well known and finance institutions will start to hire SEO companies to rank them for lucrative keywords such as mortgage loans, credit cards etc. Being that most SEO companies in Singapore such as Purple Click knows really nuts about SEO, they will go for a link buying spree. When that happens, if you happen to have a few high PR finance blogs for Singapore......

Is selling page rank risky

Of course, selling page rank is a risk. In 2007-08, a bunch of blogs lost their PR overnight because google slaps them all to kingdom come. However, while selling PR is a no no in Googles eyes, the PF blogs are making a killing. I think this can work if you keep your mouth shut about how your blog is making money. Unfortunately, these PF blogs are boasting about how much they are earning with this type of private ads. It might be a matter of time before Google slaps them all to PR0 which will cause their income to disappear overnight.

Finance keywords have high CPC

Even if the above doesn't happen, we all know that adsense clicks for finance terms are super high. Looking at the personal finance blogging landscape in Singapore, I would say the competition is pretty weak. If you start one now and attack the long tails, the chances of you getting traffic will be pretty high, especially if you apply those super duper keyword strategies that I have mentioned on my blog. If you have a good quality personal finance blog, I bet the search traffic will stick around and you will start to become an authority.

A new personal finance blog for Singapore?

This is not a theory. I am so confident that this will happen that I am going to create a PF blog myself for the Singapore market. My focus will likely be extreme retirement i.e. how to retire at an earlier age. I love this topic and I lived my live according to this principle. Writing good quality topics should be easy for me.

What do you think? It is worth to start a PF blog for the Singapore market?