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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Make money by selling wordpress themes

I mentioned last year that I got my first sales being an affiliate of elegant wordpress themes. Ever since that first sale, I have been writing more content using long tail keyword software. I used to use keyword strategy but that tool becomes too complicated to handle. What I need was just some software that gave a list of long tail for particular phases and off I go, which is why I choose to stick with keyword researcher. It doesn't hurt that this is a one time purchase, compared to the monthly membership.

This is how I used the tool. I keyed in * wordpress themes and see what comes out from the suggestion. I then pick the one I liked and round up a bunch of nice looking wordpress themes that people might want to buy.

The great thing about the wordpress theme niche is that it is so large.  The number of longtail keywords in it is mind boggling. Anyway, by mining all the longtails and creating content, my wordpress affiliate earnings shot up. I have never disclosed this earnings in my income report. As I have mentioned in my first online income report, I only want to include certain earning sources as I am not comfortable with full disclosure. Well, I am in good mood tonight so I like to share my wordpress affiliate earnings from a new source: themeforest.

This is my April earnings so far:

Click to enlarge

The point is not to boast but to convey 2 messages:
  • There are so many different ways to make money online that it is not even funny. The common theme is that you need targeted traffic who needs something. If you can build a quality site that gets such traffic, there are so many different ways to earn that a Google adsense ban becomes a non issue. 
  • Work hard. Believe in the work you put in today will put off someday. Trust me. Even if the site itself does not make money, the lessons you learn from each failure will make you stronger for your next project. The worst thing is not to do anything as you will never learn anything. The cost of failure is so small because of the Internet that you really have no excuses not to execute your idea. 
I hope you find this inspirational. Making money online is not a hoax but you need to put in the work and dare to dream big.