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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Niche pursuits just got banned from google adsense

Spencer hawks from niche pursuits just annouced on his blog that his adsense account got banned. There is really no surprise here as far as I am concerned.  It is in fact a bit freaking weird because I just told my wife earlier that he will be banned sooner or later.

For those who might not know who spencer hawks is, he is the guy that teaches folks how to create niche adsense sites. He has over 200 such sites himself and was clearing over 13k per month. He even confessed that most of his new sites are one page wonders.

With such characteristics, he is prime target for a google ban because:

He Make Google Look Stupid.

The number one rule in any SEO work is that you never make Google look stupid. Spencer hawks did.

Worse of all, he teaches people his method, meaning he make google look stupid in front of more people. If I was Google, and I want people to stop making thin sites, I will target him first.

In my mind, this was inevitable and I kept telling my friends and my wife that this will happen.

The sad truth is that Spencer is a great guy but he should have protected himself more. The good thing is that his sites are not deindexed which means he can either use a Google adsense alternative such Media.net or convert his sites to affiliate sites.

However, one thing he must do is to reverse his entire thinking of niche site making. To him, niche sites are nothing more than low competition keywords. I think that era has passed. If you want to make money online with niche sites, you must learn how to create value.

If you don't know how, please take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of my serious on making good quality niche site:

keyword optimisation vs ranking keywords
how to build quality niche sites after Panda

History always repeat itself. Spencer Hawks is not the first guy that I saw who got his adsense banned because of thin sites. Don't repeat this mistake. Start your websites right and you will get to enjoy a long and fruitful online income.

Updated: please read this follow up article on the power of trend keywords to understand why I did this post. It is not to laugh at the mis fortune of other folks but to show my readers how proper keyword can bring you search traffic without backlinks. 


Jeremy Looi said...

Oh man! I like the way you mentioned "sooner or later he will get banned".. Last 3 months my 2 adsense account were banned and totally change the way I make money. Now I'm moving into social media marketing and making adsense from thin sites just doesn't work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dont play devil s advocate !