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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The power of trend keywords

My previous post on niche pursuit's Spencer Hawks being banned from adsense was done not to spread rumors but to show readers what I meant by trend keywords and how much search traffic you can generate from them. More importantly, it proves my point that SEO is not only about backlinks. If you know how queries rise and how to capitalise on them, you can still get search traffic without any major backlinking.

A recap here. SEO is about
  • keywords research
  • content
  • links
  • feedback
 I do most of my work in 1,2 and 4. Backlinks have always been boring for me although everybody talks about how important they are. To me, these folks are just link building folks. They are not real SEOs.

This experiment was to show you how new queries are invented all the time. I saw the news that Spencer Hawks was banned from adsense. Immediately, I knew there will be new searches for that so I quickly wrote a post and published it. Guess what, this is the amount of traffic I have received today for doing a 10 minute article. Not only that, there were some that actually read my content and thus gaining me some potential readers in the future.

 Click image to enlarge

The point of this exercise is to not laugh at Niche Pursuits but to show you what can be done if you understand keyword research. This is an example of trend keywords and can be applied to any industry. I do it all the time to my product sites and it works. No backlinks. Just an understanding that new queries are invented everyday. We can tap into this growing traffic if we spend less time finding backlinks and more time understanding where the source of these new keywords can be.

Some of you might say that this is temporary traffic. I agree for this particular instance. However, for new products, some of them tend to stick around as they take off among consumers. Because of the fact that you are first to cover this area, you will gain un advantage. Of course, over time, you might need to protect your advantage with more content or even links but I have found out that for some products, no real competition ever show up.

SEO has to look forward all the time. Using keyword tool such as your major source of keyword research is limiting. It also forces you to play the backlink games since everybody is looking at the same tool. Learn to see where others are not looking and you will come out stronger than ever.