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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to backlink after the penguin update

Finally, an update from me on a blog that nobody reads, LOL.

Anyway, lots of things going on so I kind have to leave this blog for a while. Today will be talking about how to backlink your website after the penguin update. Frankly speaking, the best way is not to do too much backlinking. Learn to pick emerging topics that you have an interest in. Write interesting content to solve problems in that niche. Round up a couple of links from your own blogs or from your friends to 'prime' the website. That is all the backlinking you need to do.

However, a common question you might have is the use of anchor text. Do you still use anchor text or just your website url? The answer is both but you need to be smart about where to use what. In the past, we all used anchor text for maybe 80-100% of our backlinks. That is what got many people into trouble with the penguin update. After the update, does it make sense to continue to use anchor text? Well, there was a mention by Google about eliminating one of the linking algorithm. Here is a good summary of what link alogorithm might be changed. Based on the article, it seems the use of anchor text might still be relevant.

Hence, since we don't really know how important anchor text is going forward, here is my suggestion. Use brand and nonsense links such as website url, aaron's blog, click here etc but for the links on authority sites, use anchor text. This means your anchor text usage might only be in the 10% or less region but they will come from the most powerful sites. For the rest of the links, just use other types of anchors.

Does this make sense to you? So far, I have been doing this before the penguin updates and none of the sites got hit. The ones that do are those that rely on the old and updated method of endless anchor text backlinks. If you are still insisting on building backlinks for your SEO effort, then do consider what I have said as an suggestion. For the rest of you who wants to get out of the backlink game, I suggest you reread my second paragraph again. That is all you need to build a real online business that doesn't come and go as Google changes its algorithm.

An update on our early retirement blog. I managed to squeeze about 14 articles for that site. Traffic is dismal of course and I am still finding my way in terms of identifying the key problems faced in this niche. The only good thing is that I have started to have a drip of search traffic and this is quite encouraging at this early stage of the project. I do hope you guys have started your own authority or passion site. You need prime virtual real estate going forward if you want to make serious money online.


Gilbert Canda said...

Bro Aaron you have a nice blog. I wonder why you did not update your blog. You have so many ideas and proofs on ow to earn money online.

By the way thanks for this post, now I know what to do when it comes to SEO and page rank.

aaronchua said...

Hi Gibert,

Glad you find it useful.

In a way, I am not a very successful blogger. I got pitiful comments compared to other bloggers who have tonnes of comments.

Good luck to your site!

candro said...

i think you have some silent readers here and there and they just dont leave any comment. i think that if you change platform (i.e from blogger to something more prevalent among bloggers), you may attract more comments

aaronchua said...


Thanks for leaving a comment! : )

I can't imagine moving a blog with 400 post from blogger to wordpress.

robert said...

I'm one of the silent readers. I read Pat and Spencer's blogs too but I always find interesting and original insights and ideas on your blog.

Keep blogging.

aaronchua said...


Thanks for the encouragement!

Steve said...

I am also a silent reader too :D

Beng said...

Hi Aaron, i am also one of the silent reader. I have found out your blog through my friend, he told me about this blog. Since then, i have always visit your blog quite frequent to see for any updates.
I like the way you write because you are not hiding anything and show us everything that you have tried and post the result here. Hope to see your next post soon:)

aaronchua said...

@ Steve and Beng

Thanks for stepping out of the shadows. Going by this thread, I now have 5 readers. Yes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron, i think you had not so many comments because people want to read success story, how you making 10 k by month or more. And as you had all the problems so people think that you are looser , they want follow and comment some incredible success story, not the normal guy looking how to earn money..

aaronchua said...

Problems are part of the fun of making money online. I don't believe anyone can make that much money without going through sufficient pain.