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Friday, 29 June 2012

Is Jared Cooper from www.designbyhybrid.com a scamer

Ok folks, don't waste your time reading this post. It is meant for me to do some SEO work to some guy who has been very dishonest in his business dealing with me.

Jared copper (email: sales@designbyhybrid.com) of www.designbyhybrid.com first approach me with the desire to buy one of my domain names.

Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting the sales as I bought the domain for development. However, I decided to sell it as I figured that my busy schedule might not allow me the time to fully develop this site. As a result of this thinking, the sale price was finalised fairly quickly.

I created the invoice and sent it to him June 16 2012. During this time, I also took the trouble to let me know that if he changes his mind about buying the domain, it is fine by me as long as he drops me a note.

After waiting for 7 days, the payment did not arrived and I wrote him an email saying how disappointed I am with his business courtesy. I also told him that I am going to write about this experience here to let people know how he treats his business contacts.

Immediately after this email,  Jared Cooper contacted me. He explains that he has been traveling and reinstated his interest to buy the domain. He even expressed clearly in a follow up email saying that he would pay on the same day. Note that at this point, he can still back out of the deal.

So I gave Jared Copper another chance. I resent my invoice and waited. Guess what, anotehr seven days passed and still no reply or payment. This is when I decided to write this.

What I am going to do is simply to rank for his name Jared Cooper, his email (sales@designbyhybrid.com), his telephone (310.491.6323) and his company's web address (www.designbyhybrid.com). I hope that if other domain investors or companies searcheed for Jared Cooper or any of his related information, they can read this post and see what kind of business courtesy he has.

The issue I have is not the money. It is a small amount (USD300 for the domain) but it is the way Jared Cooper lies to me and failed to meet the promises he made. I want to make sure that whoever deals with him in the future know the kind of person he is. In fact, now that he has aroused my interest, I am going to dig out as much as I can about him. It should be a fun investigation. 

Aaronchua.com has certain authority so let's see if this post is sufficient to rank for Jared Cooper. If not, I will start to add more content about him and to round up some links from my PR4 network. This should be enough.

For those who have read this post, a simple advice: never pissed off a SEO guy, especially one who has competed in some of the most competitive keywords. You never know what will appear in the search engines. 


Anonymous said...

Hey aaron
take easy on the guy, after all you have not given him your login details to the domain why bother about exposing him as a scammer i do'nt think that would be appropriate take things easy.

aaronchua said...

Nah, people who waste my time and don't keep their promises deserves to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I think you over reacting.
no harm was made to you so why bother doing it?

Elizabeth Saar Hunnicutt said...

the troll has come back on the board. Jared Cooper @ Design By Hybrid (www.designbyhybrid.com) started websites for several of our customers and finished NONE of them. We had to hire another firm to finish what he started, he failed to return my calls and emails as he (and his company) owed my company money, and then we never heard from him again. But his cell phone number has popped by up as working with Gambit Marketing... you were right to assume him as a scammer, it's the second time around we'd done business with Mr. Cooper, and both times were miserable experiences.

aaronchua said...

Sorry to hear about that Elizabeth. jared Cooper will always be a class act.