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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Amazon Challenge #8 When do you gave up on your site?

August is not a great month in terms of Amazon earnings. From the chart below, you can see that only 3 sites made money so far. Fortunately, site #23 earned its first 2 sales and surprising, broken even immediately as one of the items sold was over USD300.  Site #4 and #11 continue to made consistent sales even though their traffic is low.

Click to enlarge

The question I am thinking about today is this: when do you give up on your site? I was prompted when I looked at the chart last night. If I had dropped site #23 earlier, I will never have earned back its set up cost of USD14. In fact, a similar thing fact to site #5 last month when it made its first sale after 7 months of waiting, although the revenue was not enough to cover the cost. 

However, will things always turn out this way? Will they all make sales eventually? That is the question I am asking myself as I looked at site #2 and site #7, which had never made any sales. Site #2 was especially disappointing even that it was the second site that I built for the challenge. 

I would like to hear your opinions about this issue. For me, IM has taught me this: as long as you have something out there, you will make some money eventually. It might not be a lot of money but there will be income coming in. Hence, never give up on your projects. Even though things might look all doom and glommy now, persist and you shall be rewarded.


Norm said...

Hey Aaron,

My process is pretty simple.
I ask myself a few questions

Is it Profitbale? If it is not am going to spend the time and energy to make it profitable. If the answer is no then it goes in the bin.

Sometimes I think why the hell did I ever by this domain, but it happens, and just need to learn to move on and remove the clutter.


Chris Desatoff said...

Hi Aaron,

I don't know if you still check this site, but I like it. Sorry to hear that your sites got penalized. I hope you are still making money online...somewhere...

Anyway, re this post...

I have a few niche sites that are one and a half years old, and I just started a few more last week.

As for when to give up on a site...I think you'd be interested to know that I have an Amazon niche site that earned nothing in its first year, and it had 20 posts on it!

I was depressed and was not going to renew it, but at the last minute, I renewed it. That was 6 months ago.

Two months ago, the site earned $20. Last month it earned $10. And this month it has earned almost $30, and the month is barely half over!

And guess what?


So my new strategy is to just make lots of high quality niche sites and let them age for awhile. I don't expect them to make anything their first year. If by the end of year 2, if the site isn't averaging at least $2 per month, then I kill it. But each site gets 2 years to prove itself before I give up on it.

And my goal for each site is just to earn $20 per month. That's good enough for me.

aaronchua said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I am still here and I agree with what you say. Most of my current sites don't require backlinks to rank although they make a long time to do so.

I encourage you to read my blog: early retirement diary.


Chris Desatoff said...

Haha! Yes, I found it last night after leaving that comment. I must've read 20 posts on there...very good stuff.

I was into comics when I was younger too (39 now). And I remember having that X-Men 266 (Gambit 1st appearance)! But that was long ago...I have no idea what condition it's in. Should be decent since almost every comic I bought went straight into plastics after I read them.

Jim Lee was the man! (and apparently still is...)