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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is SEO dead? A claim from Yazekie

There is a blog post in the Yakezie networking claiming that SEO is dead. I have left my comment there but I don't know if it got through because their commenting system is so messed up. So, I will be reposting that comment here in case it didn't go through. No point wasting good content! LOL


SEO is a marketing tactic. Just in all marketing tactics, as long as someone knows how to use the tactic well, it will continue to be a useful way to acquire users or customers.

There are lots of spam emails but do you think 'email marketing is dead'? Probably not. Similarly, SEO will never die.

Most folks who claim that SEO is dead saw it as a pure manipulative practice designed to misguide the search engines. That is not what SEO is all about.

As to whether your suggested SEO practices are sufficient, let me just say this: within each marketing field there are differing levels of expertise.

In email marketing, there are people who has 50% open rate and there are folks who scrape by with 5%. Can we live with 5% open rate? Of course we can, but a good email marketer knows all the practices that makes email marketing more effective for him.

Similarly for SEO. Anybody can live with basic SEO or even no SEO. However, for those who understands and applys it a bit better gets to enjoy a higher success rate.

Basically, SEO is about the following:

- keyword research
- content
- links
- feedback metrics

Any one of the four areas have depths that can make one's SEO more effective. Take link building for example. Most SEOs falsely believed that links are everything and they advise getting volumes of spammy links. The real link builders like Eric Ward understands that the true value of links lies in their ability to pass traffic and visibility to the site. As such, his link practices are safe, generates a return for the site owner and avoids depending 100% on Google traffic.

I shall stop here but I hope you understand where I am coming from. SEO cannnot be dead if you know how to use it effectively.


Financial Samurai said...

Thanks for attacking me by calling me a novice and implying I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Thanks for also saying that my site's comment system is all messed up. Have you not heard of Comment Moderation from new users due to spam like you have here?

What is your problem Aaron? I never insulted you in my post, and I don't even know who you are. You don't even bother to get to know me before attack.

I'm shocked by your attitude as the claimed owner of Koobits. I wish your firm good luck as you're going to need it.


aaronchua said...

Hi Sam

You are overreacting. Attacking? Hardly.

I used the term novive because the seo advice given in that post was pretty basic. It was also not supported with any links to reference materials. However, if you think the word 'novice' is an attack, then I am willing to change it. No problem. In fact, I have already done so.

As for the commenting system, I understand how it works. However, most sites will feedback to the commentor that his or her comment is pending review. Because I got no such feedback, I don't know whether the comment was lost or there was errors. That is why I posted the comment here.

I think attacking is too strong a term. I am sure you have seen real online verbal abuse.

Thanks Sam for your blessing. I will do just fine.